Re-Glazing Services

Give your fixtures and surfaces a new lease on life with our reglazing services. We excel in bathtub and tile reglazing, breathing fresh life into bathroom and kitchen spaces, all while saving you time and money compared to costly replacements.

When your bathroom and the feature of your kitchen become unappealing, damaged or dull, the most inexpensive way to restore it is to re-glaze it. Below are some of the many surfaces we can re-glaze.

Here are some of the Re-glazing services we offer:

  • Multi-Spec & Solid Colors 
  • Formica Counter Tops
  • Tile Counter Tops
  • Porcelain Kitchen Sinks & Bathroom Sinks
  • Vanity Counter Tops
  • Fiberglass Tub & Enclosure 
  • Porcelain Tub & Tile Enclosure 
  • Jacuzzi Tubs 
  • Bathtub Reinforcements & Major Repairs
  • Limited Warranty On All Qualifying Surfaces